Recycling used electric cables

Recycling cables is our business. Created in 2016, our company works for the good of the planet by recycling used electric cables at our efficient recycling centre in Barenton, Manche (between Rennes and Caen).

At VALINÉO RECYCLING, we separate the plastic sheaths from the metals and process all types of cable, from the most simple to the most complex.

We reuse 100% of the recycled material to produce high-quality copper shot for foundries, and high-purity plastic pellets (which will be melted down to produce new plastic parts).

Our values

Our know-how is based on the expertise of the people at the heart of a cutting-edge industry. VALINÉO RECYCLAGE’s know-how also encompasses technical skills, such as the complex sorting of cables, and expertise in new industrial recycling technologies.

Located in the heart of Normandy, in the village of Barenton, VALINÉO is proud of its rural identity and its contribution to the development of the local economy.